$10 of every ticket will go to Mary this Thursday.  Please attend if you can, great show, great cause!
My name is Mary Cox, I am 63 years old and I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy, which is a slow deterioration of the muscle tissue throughout my body. I first noticed the symptoms in my teens with the loss of balance. Over the years, the disease has progressed. Currently, I need assistance doing everything from getting out of bed, putting on my clothes, eating, etc. I can no longer walk or move myself around. Despite these challenges, I am a proud person who seeks to be an active part of my community.
Most of my day is spent sitting at my desk chair, watching television or going on the internet. I have very few visitors, as most of my family lives in other parts of the country. Life has been very challenging and I am in desperate need of being a part of the community. I have had the ability to drive a normal vehicle up until late, however my MD has progressed to the point where it is unsafe, as I am unable to adequately apply pressure to the pedals or steer a normal wheel.
An adaptive vehicle would do so much for me.  I would  be involved in Routes For Change, which is a grassroots advocacy group for accessibility issues in my community. This is through Options For Independent Living. I would also be able to continue to do the fun things I enjoy such as participate in road races and triathlons, with the help of myTeam Triumph Wisconsin Chapter, an athletic mentoring team for challenged athletes, which I am co-founder of.  I would also like to be part of local farmers markets, county music concerts, and would really enjoy visiting friends and family.
I am seeking assistance for the funding of a wheelchair accessible van with electronic controls, so I can regain the independence I once had , and be an active member in our community.
Thank you,
Mary Cox

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