It started out with a few comedic ideas written down on bar napkins. Fast-forward almost two decades, over 120 different shows and about 2,000 performances – and we’re still going strong!

Gather your friends, family, co-workers or even complete strangers and participate in Let Me Be Part of the Show. We share a modified version of the creative process that comes with writing a Let Me Be Frank Productions show at the Backstage at the Meyer venue.  With help from cast members, you can share colorful ideas and inside jokes about your community and we cleverly take your ideas and insert them into our show.

You’ll sit back, relax and enjoy our performance all while paying attention to see where your ideas, jokes and suggestions make it into our show. After the show is complete, we gather once again to chat about how and where we were able to make the performance a completely one-of-a-kind and personalized show! We’ll leave you laughing and wondering, “How did they do that?!” during this unforgettable experience. Want to add a dining option too? We can make that happen!

Availability: The Green Bay Experience is available for Let Me Be Frank Performances performances during our standard season schedule at the Meyer Theatre or by special request. Availability is also conditional on the schedule of the Backstage at the Meyer venue where our Green Bay Experience events will be held.

Interested in booking? Contact Frank Hermans at (920) 371-4070 or CONTACT US >>

Duration of Experience: Approximately 3 ½ hours – an hour prior to the performance (optional meal included), a two-hour long show plus a ½ hour talk back session after show is completed.

Pricing per person:

Green Bay Experience, performance and meal beforehand at Backstage at the Meyer: $60 (or $63 for A Frank’s Christmas show) per person.

Green Bay Experience and performance: $37 (or $40 for A Frank’s Christmas show) per person.

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