Our friends at Great Harvest Bread Co. ~ DePere, WI whipped up some Scooby Snacks, (err, we mean Orange Dreamsicle Shortbread Cookies!) for our “Something Stinks in Kaukauna” show! We got a behind-the-scenes look at how they’re made this morning. Flour, sugar, butter, orange zest, orange extract and white chocolate chips made into a delicious cookie, baked right here in De Pere. They’re being sold for $5 a bag at our shows this month and ALL PROCEEDS go directly toward our CP – Innovation Compassion Purpose fundraiser. Last weekend alone we sold out during each performance and raised $200 for CP! Snacks are edible for humans AND canine friends alike! 🐶🐶 Enjoy a treat while supporting our community. Thanks, Great Harvest!

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