Moving right along in our countdown! Drum roll for the #3 reason to see our latest show —

3. It’s something a little different! People often ask us, “What genre of music is your next show?” and we’ll answer with, “Oh it’s a 50s show!” or “We’re doing 70s music this time.” For “Submarine Races ‘Manty'” we’re taking it back even farther than we usually do. This show features music selections from the 1940s (!!!) but done in the LMBF style you’ve come to love. We’re willing to bet you’ll be humming along to these tunes too. By doing a genre of music we don’t do too often, we’re able to expand our repertoire and showcase our vocalists and musicians in a new way. As a cast, we have enjoyed exploring this genre of music and learning 1940s harmonies and sounds. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it too!

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