So far in our countdown, we’ve talked about beating the winter blues, our cast of characters and the genre of music. So what’s up next?

2. Play on words. As LMBF cast members, we naturally get to see the script and hear the storyline long before our audience does. We typically know the title and the genre of music before getting the script, but it’s always interesting at our first rehearsal to see what we’re putting together this time around. With a title like, “Submarine Races ‘Manty'” some images immediately popped into our heads about what the show was going to involve. Let me tell you – it was not what many of us were expecting. Frank and Pat have a way of crafting scripts that tell a completely new and creative story each and every show. We don’t know how they do it year after year! This show is no exception. Some of us had a preconceived idea of what we thought the show was going to be about and were completely wrong. It’s obviously still hilarious and of course very Franks-esque, but just not what we first assumed. We guess that goes to show you that you can be confident about what you’re seeing (or performing, in our case) and be caught off guard in the best way possible. We can’t wait to see what you think.

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