Endries PAC Brillion WI presents Let Me Be Frank’s comedy musical “Rattle Those Pots and Pans, Mirro Style.”    Mirro at one time was the largest employer in Manitowoc County; makers of cookware, pressure cookers, cookie cutters and boats.  They were the aluminum king when Kingsbury was the king of beers in Manitowoc.

Let Me Be Franks takes you back to the early ‘80s when the Newell Corporation bought out The Mirro Corporation.  Manitowoc was a blur of activity in the ‘80s with a booming music and manufacturing scene.  Paul Ferguson, (Frank) plays the CEO of Newell Rubbermaid; he goes undercover to snoop around Manitowoc and find out what it’s like to work at Mirro.  Posing as a United Steel Union worker, Paul hits the  taverns and discovers the ins and outs about the home of the Pressure Cooker.  Well let’s just say there are a few pressure cookers ready to blow in the break room.

Friday May 12th Endries PAC, Brillion High School 7:30 pm. For Tickets go to endriespac.com

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