Opening night of Jailhouse (Reformatory) Rock is a fundraiser for Downtown Green Bay Inc. Friday July 17th $10 of every sold ticket goes to this wonderful 501C.  Fester (Pat Hibbard) has the Warden (Tom Verbrick) duck taped to a table and has a list of demands he wants implemented.  Sideburns, (Elvis wannabe, Frank Hermans) and Little Sideburns (newbie and young Elvis wannabe, Andrew Stieber) are in on the uprising.  They have secret info on the Warden and vow to tell the Governor if their demands are not met.  One of the demands is, you guessed it, girls.  Warden Game is distraught at the thought of his secret being told, so he reluctantly calls the warden at Taycheedah and sets up a meet and greet with a few of the female inmates.  Escape is on the girls’ minds and Bambi (Lisa Borley) has a plan.  Fellow girl inmates think this is a gig that the Warden has set up to “entertain” the Guards.  Inmates Red (Amy Riemer) and Princess (Kasey Corrado) are there to get the skinny on the guards.  Hilarity ensues.  July 17th – August 17th Meyer Theater or 920-494-3401

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