WHO KILLED AL / ALICE CAPONE! Murder, Musical, Comedy, Mystery Show...Sunday February 11th at the Rendezvous in Luxemburg, 4pm cocktails, 5pm dinner, 6:15 show. $35 dinner and show

A Let Me Be Franks murder mystery at The Karsten Hotel in Kewaunee.  Frank’s first attempt at what is called a murder, musical, comedy, mystery dinner show.  Starring Michael O’Malley , Mike Hermans, Amy Riemer, Tom Verbrick, Pat Hibbard and Frank Hermans.  They say Al Capone visited the east coast of Wisconsin in the early 20’s and that he was a cross dresser.  Well did you know Baby Face Nelson, The Lady in the Red, and Dillinger were there too?  And that Al Capone was killed?  Who did it?  Elliot Ness is sent in to investigate.  Funny, yes I said it, Funny!

Sunday February 11 Rendezvous Luxemburg WI.  $35 dinner and show 4pm cocktails, 5pm dinner, 6:15 show.  For reservations call the Rendezvous at 920-845-2066.

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