Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th. 7-9:30pm Tribute performance, followed by a showing of "Menoma Mia"

Spend Memorial Day weekend with Let Me Be Frank Productions!

Join us on Friday, May 28th and Saturday, May 29th for a Frank’s Tribute performance at the Get Reel Chilton Twilight Drive-In Theater. Reba (Amy Riemer), Elvis (Frank Hermans), Barbra Streisand (Lisa Borley) and Neil Diamond (Paul Evansen) will be in attendance, sharing all of your favorite musical hits — with, of course, some comedy thrown in too! The Tribute performances take place from 7-9:30pm, followed by a viewing of Let Me Be Frank Productions’ show, “Menoma Mia” on the silver screen! “Menoma Mia” was originally performed this past February at the Meyer Theatre and features hits from the 1970s and ABBA.

Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at the door (no advance ticket sales).

The Get Reel Chilton Twilight Drive-In Theater is located at 1255 E Chestnut St, Chilton, WI 53014.

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