Hello, 2023! I seriously can’t believe how fast time flies. I’ve been doing this for two whole decades. I’ve been in over 100 different shows and 2,000 performances and it seems like we’re just getting started! I want to thank Frank for giving me this opportunity all those years ago. I am grateful and proud to be part of this crazy adventure and I never take it for granted. My hat is off to our hard-working cast and crew. I love you guys! Speaking of love; special thanks go to my wife Tina, and my amazing kids, Zach & Abbie, for their never-ending support and understanding – and how cool it is to share the stage with my son Zach! I know I say this every year but, I want to sincerely thank our fans and supporters. You are truly the reason we’re still here. Stop by and say hello after the show, or drop me a line at phibbard@new.rr.com. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you this year. Enjoy the show and God bless.

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