Frank is the majority owner of Let Me Be Frank Productions, the main tenant of the Meyer Theatre, and has written and produced over 137 musical comedies over the last 23 years. Frank also co-authored the book Simply Frank in 2017, which tells the story of Let Me Be Frank Productions and is available at all shows for only $5 (great bathroom read!). You can catch Frank on Frankly Green Bay, a TV segment, every Thursday morning on “Local 5 Live” on WFRV-TV CBS. Frank introduces viewers to creative people throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. Or you can tune in to “Local 5 Live” as he regularly fills in as the show’s co-host throughout the year. Frank was awarded “The Best of the Bay” musician award for 10 years straight from 2009-2018. Frank was also awarded the 2018 Tim Quigley tourism award from Discover Green Bay, Green Bay’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. As an active member of charitable organizations, Frank is a former board president of CP and co-host of the CP Telethon. The annual telethon is now in its 70th year — the longest-running TV telethon in the nation —broadcast via WBAY-TV 2 every March. Frank is especially proud to share the stage this year with two of his boys, Blake Matthew Hermans, 23, and Harrison Hermans, 11. Frank dedicates his performances to his wife and partner in crime, Amy Riemer, who collaborates with Frank on stories, ideas, and music. Frank would like to thank Pat for his creativity and tenure as a partner in Let Me Be Franks Productions. And lastly, Frank is most honored to have the best cast a director and producer could wish for — you all are so talented, and I never take that for granted. Enjoy the show!

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