Amy Riemer-Hermans has been performing with Let Me Be Frank Productions since 1999 and has been Vocal Director for 17 years!  Before that, she graduated from St. Norbert College, where she was involved in Swinging Knights, Summer Music Theater, Knight Theater, and Chamber Singers. In addition to LMBFrank’s, Amy performs with Frank’s Tribute (as Reba, Dusty Springfield, & Brenda Lee) and Project Pink: Pink Floyd Tribute Band. Many thanks to her family for all their support – Mom, (this incredible woman babysits my kids, makes most of my costumes, & does a million other things to help me keep my sanity!) – Nate, Kathi, Jillian, Logan & Mason – and step-kids Austin, Blake & Katrina. Special thanks to her amazing children – Darien, Harrison, Jack, and Vivian! Extra special thanks to my husband, Frank, for making all my dreams come true! Amy dedicates her 2023 performances to her father Terry, who sadly passed away in October 2022. Miss you Dad!


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