Wow it’s been Fifteen years since we started this!

Frank, (me) first got involved in theater in middle school and then later in high school and college.  I lost track of theater, trying to further my career, in my twenties.  Then in 1994 I saw that St.  Norbert was having auditions for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”.  I wanted the role of Joseph so badly.  Myself, Joe Kiedinger (whom you’ll meet later) and Paul Desperito were called back for the lead role of Joseph.  I was so excited, but being 6’3″ 240# I probably was not going to get the part.  I did get the part however of “Reuben” the eldest brother.  It was probably the most influential time in my life.  First, I found out that I love doing this theater stuff, second, I met some of the most influential people in my life at that time.  Joe Kiedinger, and the Birders (who run St.  Norbert summer music theater).

Back to my good friend Joe Kiedinger; I called him one day and asked him to start a dinner theater troupe with me (Frank’s Dinner Theater).  Of course he did not hesitate.  We called all our old friends from St.  Norbert, UWGB and all our other acting friends.  Most of them joined and are still with Let me be Franks today (Amy Riemer, Pat Hibbard, Tom Verbrick, Lisa Borley, Dennis Panneck, Tony Pilz, Emily Paulsen and David and Kelly Gusloff, Ben Cahall, Kasey Corrado, Adam Cain, and Jeff Arnold).  Joe and I started writing review shows, the first one on a couple of bar napkins.  Joe Kiendinger has gone on to become a very successful ad agency owner.  He has some of the biggest accounts in the market.  Joe if you ever read this: I love you man and would die for you.  You helped  found one of the premier theater troupes in the country.  Thank you!  Since then our writing has gotten more involved.  Pat Hibbard , my partner, and I write the shows now and no longer are we just doing review shows.  Now we are actually writing stories with, the music as a huge focus.  The future is so bright for Let me be Frank Productions.  Our move to the Historic Meyer Theatre in Green Bay only solidifies our place in the theater history of North Eastern WI.  I’ve been very blessed to have so many people believe in us and support what we do.

Frank’s Dinner Theater’s first show was the “Temp” Feburary 2000 at the Sports Corner in Depere WI in an upstairs banquet room.  We had two wonderful years there until we moved to our new digs at the SC Grand on HWY 41.  The SC Grand was our home until 2007 when we were handed the golden key from PMI and became the main tenants of the Meyer Theatre.  It is our 8th glorious year at the historic Meyer Theatre.  Since our Inception Let me be Franks has coined 87 original scrips for musical Theater.

My family has been behind me from the start, first my wife Amy Riemer of course then my wonderful children.  Some day you might see my kids on stage: Joshua 25, Darien 19, Austin 17, Blake 14, and Katrina 13, Harrison 3, and Jack 8 months.  They seem to have their father’s genes and knack for the stage.  Any other information you would like to know about me or the theater please e-mail me at:  Thanks for watching and listening to Let me be Frank Productions.  We hope to continue to entertain you for many years to come!  And remember…….. Get your laugh on with Franks’

God Bless,


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