Are you ready for this???

What: We’re excited to share we will be performing for Festival Foods‘ Fire on the Fox in Downtown Green Bay!
When: Wednesday, July 4th
Where: We’ll be at the Neville Public Museum Stage from about 7pm until fireworks begin.
Who: LMBF performers Frank R. Hermans, Amy Riemer, Kasey Schumacher and Lisa Borley along with Singer-Cain (Adam Cain, John Singer), Erik Sikich and Jeff Arnold.

As John Singer put it, “We’ve got some special things planned for this one. And if you stick around for both Singer-Cain and LMBF sets, you may get treated to a special appearance from the venerable Gerry Cain, who happens to be a point of interest in the LMBF show, “Franksmoke.” Which is currently in a run of shows at The Meyer Theatre here in Green Bay. If you haven’t caught that one yet, maybe make a note to do that. The critics are all raving about it!”

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