Welcome to the final reason in our countdown! Let’s have it!

1. The talent. We can’t make it through a countdown without mentioning the talent of our cast. Over the years, Frank and co. have gathered a crew with such a fantastic range of skills. When it’s all put together on one stage, it’s nearly impossible not to enjoy a night at an LMBF show. Watching Adam Cain on drums, Dennis Panneck on guitar and Tony Pilz on keys is so impressive! Hearing the lady trio of Amy, Lisa and Kasey sing tight harmonies for backups and soar with their individual solos is unforgettable. Watching David, Tom and Michael whip out improved lines is something that can’t really be taught – they’re just born with it! And seeing an all-original show written by Frank and Pat that was merely a fragment of an idea a few short months ago can really blow your mind. It’s quite remarkable we’re nearly all locals too! Aside from anything else, we really have a cast that loves to make people laugh and smile while we’re on stage. Let us share that with you this show.

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