The Gathering Shawano WI Saturday November 4th for tickets call 715-524-2139 also Saturday November 25th Equity Hall, Pound WI 7:30 pm for tickets call 715-701-1622

Let me be Frank’s all new musical called “The Golden Age of Aviation” premiers at The Gathering in Shawano WI Saturday November 4th, brought to you by the Leadership Shawano County Cash bar 5pm, 6pm Dinner and 7pm show.    Let me be Franks takes you to the cold war time period when things were illegally brought into the Iron Curtain.  Captain Clark Gable is training a new pilot to help on these dangerous and illegal voyages.  Colonel Snidely Whiplashski enjoys Twinkies and Coca-cola in his home country of Blowvania and employs Clark Gable to supply him.  Unfortunately things go bad when the Colonel is not getting enough of the contraband and kidnaps Clark’s girl and mechanic.  Will Clark save the fair maiden and bring the Colonel to justice?  Come see this hilarious musical and find out!  Starring:  Frank Hermans, Amy Riemer, Pat Hibbard, Lisa Borley, and Tom Verbrick.

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