Thursday-Saturday April 7th - 29th at the Meyer Theatre 8pm. Also at the Capital Civic Centre Manitowoc Wednesday April 19th.

Diamonds and Gold and First Bank present Let Me Be Frank’s all new comedy musical “Seymour, Home of the Burger” Happy Days.  Performances are at the Meyer Theatre April 7th-April 29th Thursday-Saturday 8pm and also a matinee Saturday April 29th at 1pm.  You can catch the show also at The Manitowoc Capitol Civic Centre Wednesday April 19th at 7:30 pm.

Seymour is one of two places in America that claims  they were the first to invent the Hamburger.  Well, we all know Seymour was the first with Charlie’s Hamburgers in 1885 at the Outagamie County Fair.  As celebrated at Burger Fest every year in Seymour, WI.  We will take you back to the days of Happy Days; The Fronz, Ditchie, Potsie, Ralph Mouth, Laverne, Shirley and Pinky are all there.  Ditchie challenges the boys to a contest, who can get a kiss from the opposite sex before midnight at the fair, loser runs thru downtown Seymour in their skivvies.  The boys check in with the Fronz first to get a little counseling on the matter.  Meanwhile, the girls are having boy problems themselves; Laverne, Shirley and Pinky joined a bowling league sponsored by their employer, Seymour Bottling to meet some bonified boys.  Unbeknownst to them it’s an all girl league, no guys!  They decide to go old school and check out the Fair and Charlie’s Hamburger stand.  Hilarity ensues.

Cast: The Fronz Pat Hibbard, Ditchie Frank Hermans, Potsie Michael O’Malley, Ralph Tom Verbrick, Laverne Amy Riemer, Shirley Kasey Corrado, Pinky Lisa Borley.  The Band all dressed at Charlie: Guitars Dennis Panneck, Keys Tony Pilz, Drums Tony Pilz.  Lighting design Tracey Cook.  Sound design, Tim Funk.

Act 1                                      Act 2

Happy Days theme           Mr Lee

Stood up                               Latest Flame

Soldier Boy                          I know a Place

Our Day will come            Hit the road Jack

Que Sara                              My mind has a heart of

It’s All Right                        7th son

Sugar Shack                        The one who really loves you

Laverne and Shirley         Hey Porter

Mr. Bass Man                     Sha Boom

Today I met a boy             Lipstick on your collar

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