Join us for dinner and an encore performance of “Girls on Thin Ice” at Gatherings 43 on Friday, May 8, 2020.

Cocktails: 5:00pm

Dinner: 6:00pm

Show: 7:00pm

Dinner includes a special 80’s-themed meal of meatloaf, ham & scallop potatoes with all the fixings.

$45.00 per person. For tickets call (920) 863-8148. Tickets sold in groups of 6 or 8 are greatly appreciated.

Located at de Grand Family Restaraunt in Denmark — 623 De Pere Rd. Denmark, WI 54208

About “Girls on Thin Ice”:

It’s the 1980s and we have big hair, big personalities, and ever bigger secrets. Our show takes us to the 1988-1989 auditions for the esteemed performing troupe, The Swinging Knights, at St. Norbert College. Seniors Amy, Lisa, and Kelly are ready to see what potential new members can bring to the table, err…we mean stage. Since there obviously can only be four girls in their “Fab 4” crew, there’s really one slot to fill in the group. Kasey, a senior who has never auditioned before, ends up landing the coveted role with her stellar audition. Sarah, a super-talented freshman, took her audition as an opportunity to prove she’s got what it takes to hang with the seniors, and is cast as an alternate for the troupe.

Throughout the year, Sarah has to step in for performances and save the day when Kelly gets sick, Lisa participates in a few extracurricular activities, and Amy gets a little boy crazy.

Flashforward to the final performance of the year and Kasey is nowhere to be found. Is she ok? Is she ever coming back? Can Sarah take over Kasey’s part in the show or is it doomed to be a flop? What does Kasey’s unexplained absence mean for the friendship of the Fab 4? You’ll have to see for yourself in this hilarious new musical-comedy.

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